Bali is the most profitable investment property market

We provide ready-made turnkey business with annual income from 12% and facility management.
All our objects are from a reliable developer with 12 years of construction experience and have the top locations on the island. Potential property value from 40% by the end of construction.

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Current investment projects

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50% Sold out


Sunny Ocean View

35 m2 , 50 m2 , 80 m2
price from 190 000 $


Sunny Moon Thailand

33 m2 , 57 m2 , 110 m2 , 165 m2
price from 110 000 $

50% Sold out


Sunny Cuddles Berawa

70 m2 , 110 m2
price from 250 000 $

Sold out for rent


Berawa Sunny Village

190 m2 , 220 m2
price from 350 000 $

50% Sold out


Sunny Apart I

45 m2 , 50 m2 , 80 m2
price from 180 000 $

For rent


Sunny Batu Bolong

90 m2
price from 350 000 $

50% Sold out


Sunny Apart II

45 m2 , 50 m2 , 80 m2
price from 180 000 $

50% Sold out


Sunny Residence

186 m2 , 211 m2 , 275 m2
price from 500 000 $

50% Sold out


Sunny Apart III

45 m2 , 50 m2 , 80 m2
price from 180 000 $

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Our people

We are an international team of professionals who built over 1 MLN2 of residential apartments in 6 countries

Victoria Halitska

co-founder Sunny Development Group

from Ukraine
Expert, developer, and actively involved in public and social projects around the world. halitska_13

Igor Grosu

co-founder Sunny Development Group

from Romania
Businessman, entrepreneur, developer

We choose the best locations and advanced design solutions and create infrastructure in our complexes. All this allows our facilities to be in demand among tourists all year round. By buying from us, you will get a ready-made working business. We take care of all the management and support your property, and you get a stable passive income in USD dollars.

Yuliia Vovk

project manager

Кai Grinevich

B2B Sales Director

Vitiunin Artem

sales manager

projects8in Bali
built1 MLNsqr m

28К m2on Bali

Why us

SUNNY DEVELOPMENT GROUP is the undisputed leader in the developer market in Bali. Our reputation is unsurpassed due to the high quality of construction, the successful implementation of projects, and team experience. We set standards in the industry and attract the attention of investors from all over the world. Cooperation with us guarantees the reliability and success of your investment in Bali. Trust the professionals!

A guaranteed return on investment is from 12% in USD in an agreement with the management company.

Many years of experience in construction help us to complete all the projects on time and with proven quality.

We take care of all property management: from a stable flow of residents to maintenance and support of the villa.

Our own investment funds allow us to start and implement projects seamlessly.


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What area is the most promising for investment today?

The most popular tourist locations are Canggu. Seminyak, Kerobokan. The location of our facilities in Canggu and Umalas, close to the most famous clubs and establishments.

Projected growth in property value in Bali?

Over the past 5 years, real estate prices in Canggu have increased by more than 3 times, and the dynamics is such that the cost will constantly increase.

What is a leasehold?

Owned on a long-term lease, usually up to 30 years.

Why can't I own my villa in Bali?

According to Indonesian law, it is forbidden to sell land to foreign nationals. And also according to the law, everything that is on the earth belongs to the owner of this land. Therefore, during the construction of our facilities, we arrange a lease or sublease of land for up to 30 years in the first iteration, and then for another 30 years.

When making a purchase with Sunny Development Group, we sign 3 types of contract with you:

for the construction of the facility;

to rent the land below it;

on the management of the object by the management company.

If you want to sell the property, you will need to re-register the land lease agreement with the new owner.


What will happen to my villa when the leasehold ends?

Upon completion of the contract, the investor is invited to extend the contract, our company takes care of this issue if the investor wishes.

How often does the villa need to be renovated, given the aggressive environment of the island?

In construction, we use modern technologies to combat aggressive environments, as well as high-quality materials of world brands, thanks to which our facilities do not need renovation for a long time, and we also provide a 5-year construction guarantee.

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