modern apartment
In Berawa - top location of Bali
13,6-22,9 % APY
4-6 years to recoup
after development
We are looking for turnkey properties with high ROI and transparent processes.

Sunny Apart is a modern complex of premium quality apartments that includes restaurants and a coworking center.
Why is Bali a good option for investment?
Bali is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The tourist traffic was growing annually before the pandemic, reaching 6.3mln in 2019
Number of foreign tourists arrivals to Bali in 2008-2019, in millions
Количество иностранных туристов, прибывших на Бали
в 2008-2019 гг., в миллионах
Good investment climate
Indonesia is in second place in 2022 among countries to invest in, according to U.S News.
Tourists’ choice
Bali is #1 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award in 2017 and 2022 rankings.
Fully yours
Bali real estate does not need to be declared in your home country, so you can save on taxes.
Income in USD
You get income in dollars. That guarantees your funds are staying safe.
The most desirable location
According to research by, Bali is the #1 place where people want to go after the pandemic!
Life in 2022
Even during the tough quarantines of 2020, there was no full lockdown in Bali. Restaurants and hotels continued to work. There were many expats who stayed. This allowed Bali to successfully pass through the crisis period
of Bali to other real estate markets
We know how your customers make a decision where to stay for a holiday. Tourists compare options on hotel booking sites.
For example, on or
Therefore, our strategy for maximizing profitability is
pay close attention to the interiors and location of apartments
Choose one of 2 designs of your apartment
Interior №1
Interior №2
We have collected catalogs of exquisite furniture for you, which will help you to design your villa as you like.
Apartments are located in a unique convenient area with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay: cafes, sports and beach clubs, spa complexes, shops, schools and playgrounds

  1. Morabito Beach Club - architecture and interior designed by French, Paris based jeweller Pascal Morabito, MORABITO ART VILLA is the perfect mix of contemporary and ancient works of art.
  2. Cafe Del Mar Bali - located on the stunning Canggu coastline, Cafe del Mar Bali Beach Club offers the ultimate Mediterranean lifestyle experience.
  3. Finns Beach Club - offers a piece of paradise with the choice of: 4 pools, 8 bars (including 2 swim up pool bars), 5 restaurants, daily DJs, live vocalists and stunning sunsets.
  4. Atlas Beach Club - this most prominent beach club in Southeast Asia is currently under the spotlight as the project highlights Indonesia's one-stop remarkable lifestyle centre of fun, entertainment, and leisure with a festive, tropical cosmopolitan style.
  5. Berawa Beach - the dark grey and black sand here encloses the largest lagoon along the Canggu coastline. Berawa Beach is also one of the last stops in Canggu for avid surfers, especially for those who prefer to escape the more crowded coasts of the south
  6. Desa Potato Head - was designed by the acclaimed Indonesian architect Andra Matin As you arrive you will be greeted by the magisterial sight of our "Colosseum", a towering elliptical facade of mismatched 18th century teak window shutters collected from across the Indonesian Archipelago.
Get the most up-to-date information about the project, as well as the financial model in PDF format. For that please leave your contact details.
1 Bedroom Apartment
Size of apartment 47 м2
300 to the ocean

Daily rent of apartment from 100 USD
ROI 13,6 - 22,9%
Payback in 4-6 years
180 000 USD
Price includes:
  1. Water and electricity supply
  2. Swiss insurance of the apartment for one year*
  3. Land lease for 29 years (can be extended)
  4. Warranty 5 years
  5. Tableware, bed linen, curtains, all household appliances, repairs, furniture
*you can renew insurance in a year
You sign an investment contract with Sunny Development Group and make a downpayment of 50%. The construction process starts within 10 days.
You pay 25% each 3 months. During this period, you regularly get a summary of the progress made in each key area of the project (with photos).
The property is built in 7 months, you are able to verify all the details and make the final payment of 25%. You get the documents and keys.
We are an international team of professionals who built over 1,000,000 of residential apartments in 4 countries
Now we are opening a new chapter of construction in Bali.

We have already invested more than $3 million in Bali real estate and we’re not looking to slow down!
co-ceo of the SDG
co-ceo of the SDG
We will gladly give you more info online, by email, by phone or any other way that's convinient for you
Constructed objects

Constructed objects
We would be happy to discuss all the details with you in one of our offices:
We would be happy to discuss all the details with you in one of our offices:
After the apartments completion, you can sign a contract with our management company

In this case, we will take care of the real estate payback:
1. We will provide a stable flow of residents
2. Provide premium service and maintenance
3. We will keep the object in the appropriate state
Thus, providing you with additional passive income in the amount of 14.6-21.1% per annum USD
Contact us to get more details
Leave your number and we’ll call you back in 24 hours.
Still pondering?
Take a look at:
  1. Our calculation of the recoup period for the project (we take into account all the factors affecting the payback).
  2. The survey of villa occupancy rates in the same location and the price segment at the moment.
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