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Taiwan no. 4 turret milling machine

Category:Taiwan no. 4 turret milling machine

Summary:Model: it passes to 4 m Brand: taishi Hotline: 13827205317 Suitable for precision electronics, optical machinery, mold processing, automation equipment and other industries used for machining the plane, as well as arbitrary Angle inclined p

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The detailed information
Machine characteristics
1. Meehanna high strength casting, high rigidity, high precision, long life
2. Guide rail and table are quenched, quenched, hardened and precisely ground.
3. The guide rail shall be attached with Turcite-B high wear resistant film, which is smooth and smooth.
4. Reinforced z-direction, y-direction and z-direction rectangular track with stronger bearing and higher accuracy.
5. Vertical steel head, strong cutting; Elongated bench;
6. Spindle has high precision and strong durability. Spindle cone diameter bobbing control: 0.002-0.005cm. The bedstead column adopts the reinforced double-rib structure, which can ensure the high rigidity of the bed and not easy to deform.
The machine parameters
Model it passes to 4 m
The workbench 1270 * 254 mm
Left and right stroke (X-axis) 760mm
Front and rear travel (Y-axis) 380mm
Up and down stroke (Z axis) 340mm
Spindle tube diameter 86mm
Spindle tube stroke 127mm
Spindle speed 80-5400(16 speed)
Spindle taper hole r-8 (optional NT30)
Spindle horsepower 3HP
Maximum distance between spindle end face and work table is 450mm
Machine size (length × width × height) 1600*1700*2200mm
The machine weight is 1280kg
The machine configuration
Standard configuration:
1.X and Y axis 5u grating ruler set
2.X axis cutter 1
3.6 "flat jaw pliers 1
One set of composite platen
5.R8 one set of so tip (8 pieces)
6. An electrical box
7. Tie article 1
8. One working lamp
9. One tool box of toolbox is equipped with:
1. Ring wrenches (19-20) 1
2. 1 cross screwdriver
3. One word screwdriver
4. 4 shock absorbers
5. 1 power cord
1 manual
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